Erotic World Book Day

Erotic World Book Day

Celebrating diverse erotic books & writers on World Book Day, while fundraising for sexual health & wellbeing charity Brook

March 5 2015 saw the first ever Erotic World Book Day, created to celebrate erotica while raising vital funds for sexual health and well-being organisation Brook.

Emily Dubberley, Erotic World Book Day originator, founder of and sex writer, says, “The joy of reading erotica is that it allows you to explore worlds that you might not dare to in real life, and 'try on' new experiences for size. Conversely, writing erotica allows you to express – and sometimes hone - your desires, and share them with other people, should you so wish. And both can be incredibly educational.”

Erotic World Book Day proved that 'if you build it, they will come'. Over 300 erotic authors, (including many of the top names in the genre) attended the event. It was also supported by several adult industry businesses as well as numerous independent and traditional publishers worldwide.

You can still check out the party – which includes sex ed cabaret hosted by award-winning composer, lyricist and performer Desmond o' Connor, hot audio erotic poetry, and a huge amount of diverse erotica, along with some seriously sexy (and educational) discussions, on the Erotic World Book Day Party Page (Please note that all competitions are now closed – though the entries are still well worth reading, which is why we've left them up).

The event even inspired a new erotic genre, in the form of Potato Porn, thanks to Kristina Lloyd's 'Hot Potato' competition (open until 23rd March 2015.)

Award-winning sex writer and adult industry marketer Cara Sutra persuaded adult retailers and erotic publishers to provide over £1,500 worth of prizes for the Facebook party, and helped devise and develop the comprehensive social media campaign, along with lending her own significant marketing support to the day.

Erotic World Book Day saw the release of charity anthology An Intimate Education, a compilation of sexy stories covering a massively diverse spectrum of sexuality, including trans, lesbian, gay, bi, straight, kinky, 'vanilla' and beyond – including a sprinkling of asexuality.There’s a wealth of diverse erotic writing talent involved, with 22 stories from best-selling and new erotic authors: that's 44,000 words of 'filth' for £2.98 / €4.17 / $4.42 USD / $5.77 AUD / 536.57 ¥

All authors donated their stories and it was edited on a voluntary basis by Rebecca Black and Emily Dubberley. The cover design was based on the cover image of The Vagina: A Literary and Cultural History by Emma Rees which we were kindly given permission to use by Bloomsbury Literary who are (obviously) part of Bloomsbury – a publishing company that has long supported and published literary erotic titles.

Within 14 hours of release it was #16 in the Amazon erotica charts and has subsequently been tweeted about by celebrities including E L James, Brooke Magnanti (aka Belle de Jour) and Robin Ince.

100% of the profit from sales of this book are being donated to Brook.

Erotic authors are invited to join the Erotic World Book Day discussion group on Facebook to get involved in next year's plans – ideas are always welcome. We are keen to increase the diversity further for next year and particularly want to hear from under-represented minorities to help amplify their voice -and show that there is much more than one experience of sex.

Erotic World Book Day is a collaborative effort. More than 250 erotic writers were involved in the discussion group prior to the event, helping make Erotic World Book Day 2015 happen.

Brook CEO, Simon Blake said, “I am incredibly grateful to everyone who took part in #EWBD for their amazing work, their generosity, and their support for Brook’s work, which reaches over 275,000 young people every year. We are committed to trusting and to listening to young people, and we couldn’t continue without our supporters. I’d love for us to I’d love for us to stay in touch ( or follow us on Twitter @BrookCharity), and if any of you would be interested in becoming a Brook Friend, we’d be delighted to have you on board.”

As Erotic World Book Day showed, things are better when we come together.

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Read the press about #EWBD here (and Google it to find myriad sex bloggers and erotic writers who posted – and are still posting - about the event and book, in support of Erotic World Book Day and Brook.